John H. Manny–Founder of our Fortune

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John H. Manny-Inventor of the Manny Reaper
John H. Manny-Inventor of the Manny Reaper

Hello Folks,

Today I am going to explore the foundations of the Manny, Dorr, and Tinker fortunes. John H. Manny (who sometimes gets confused with John P. Manny) was the inventor of the Manny Reaper, which was an early version of a horse powered combine. John was born in 1825 in Amsterdam, NY and later moved to Illinois in the early 1850’s. He brought his young wife, Mary Dorr Manny with him. The reaper had already been invented by a man named Cyrus McCormick who patented the reaper in 1834. Later, McCormick sued Manny for the sum of $400,000 in 1855. Abraham Lincoln and Edwin Stanton (his future Sec. of War–although they did not get along at first) were two of the lawyers that worked for Manny during the trial. The trial was also the reason that Lincoln came to Rockford in 1855, and the only documented case of Lincoln being in Rockford after the town was established (Lincoln had been through the area during the Black Hawk War of 1832). Anyway, Manny won the case and stayed out of the poor house, which was good for the whole family. Unfortunately, Mr. Manny passed away of an illness  just after the case was settled and Mary Dorr Manny became a young widow. She later married our Robert Tinker in 1870 as he had known her from his employment at the Manny Reaper Works, after her husbands death. So, Mary became Mrs. Mary Dorr Manny Tinker, and lived on our historic site until her death. John Manny was the first husband of Mary Dorr, and the cornerstone that statred the future financial success of the three families. Thank you for your interest!

This Week in the Tinker Time Line:

1861-Confederate constitution was adopted by the Confederate States of America.

1868-Senate hears the impeachment charges (second attempt) against President Andrew Johnson because he replaced Edwin Stanton with Gen. Lorenzo Thomas, and a vast number of other complaints. The impeachment effort failed.

1918-First cases reported in the deadly influenza epidemic that killed thousands.

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    Marissa Giannangeli said:
    July 9, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    How are John P. Manny and John H. Manny related?

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