Lincoln in Rockford: Part II

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Lincoln as a lawyer by Lloyd Ostendorf
Lincoln as a lawyer by Lloyd Ostendorf

Hi Everyone,

I found this nice print by a talented artist by the name of Lloyd Ostendorf. It portrays a young Abraham Lincoln defending a friend of his, Colonel Rogers, in a court case. Since this is the bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth, and we are the only site in Rockford that has a direct link to Lincoln; I will continue to beat our drum a little louder. As they say in High School, “Hey, everyone else is doing it!” I will quote directly from the Doris Kearns Goodwin’s tome, Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. Although she has had criticism for committing the gravest sin a scholar can commit, plagiarism, she has not had any claims against her for this particular book. So, I think it is safe to quote this secondary source. To put this quote in context, it concerns the McCormick v. Manny reaper trial of 1855, which you can read about below. This quote is from a letter Lincoln wrote to Peter Watson, who originally hired Lincoln to defend John Manny in the Reaper suit. Lincoln writes, “During August, and the remainder of this month, I can devote some time to the case, and, of course, I want all the material that can be had. During my day at Chicago, I went out to Rockford, and spent half a day, examining and studying Manny’s Machine.” This is the only written evidence that Lincoln came to Rockford after the establishment of the city. Have a wonderful day, and I will write some more later!

This Week in the Tinker Time Line:

1846-U.S.-Canadian border established.

1876-U.S. soldiers and Native Americans clash in the Battle of Rosebud.

1885-The Statue of Liberty arrives in America.

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