Paranormal Open House

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Greenwood Cemetery in Rockford

Yesterday (Sunday) I traveled to DeKalb, Illinois to attend a paranormal open house. It was one of the greatest presentations I have seen in Illinois. There was a good mixture of actual ghost hunters and folklore historians. There was a lot of impressive evidence that was presented as well. The 2010 Illinois ghost hunters open house seminar was put together by a great guy named Mr. Willy Adkins, founder of Afterlife Paranormal and Illinois Ghost Hunters. The other speakers were George Hawrylenko (with Illinois Ghost Hunters), Michael Kravchuk (with CPI & he is the “Ghost Gadget Guy“), Chad Griffiths (founder of PRI), Michael Kleen (author of numerous books and articles), and Dale Kaczmarek (President of the Ghost Research Society and author of numerous books). If you missed the seminar, you missed some great evidence that was captured at Tinker! Michael Kravchuk and Chad Griffiths both used evidence (EVPs) captured here at the museum during their presentations. It was very interesting to hear the spine-tingling voices and sounds that were recorded where I work. I would like to thank Willy Adkins and all of the other speakers that shared their knowledge and experiences with the paranormal on Sunday. It was a very fascinating experience and it was great to hear Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens mentioned during the presentations. If anyone has any questions about the paranormal, feel free to contact any of the people mentioned above. Have a great day everyone!


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