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The Tinker Time Line

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I would like to get people more familiar with Mr. Tinker’s time line, and the events that happened during his lifetime. Every week when I type a post, I will add a historical event or two that happened the corresponding week that he would have read about in the paper. Robert H. Tinker was born in 1836 and passed away on his birthday (December 31) in 1924. Therefore, I will write about events that happened from 1836 to 1924. Don’t worry, I will soon post a picture of the dapper Mr. Tinker! Many people do not realize that Mr. Tinker was an artist as well, and I will post some of his artwork from time to time. There will also be posts about the important women of the Tinker household since they were the backbone (and the bank roll) of the family. I hope that will perk your interest!

This Week in the Tinker Time Line:

1860-Abraham Lincoln elected president of the United States that was preparing for a Civil War.

1861-Jefferson Davis elected as the first and last president of the Confederate States of America.

1917-Bolsheviks revolt in Russia creating the U.S.S.R.

I hope this is educational and have a good weekend!-Steve

The Parlor

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The Parlor
Photo provided by: F & E Schmidt

Tinker Cottage decorated for Christmas

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Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens
The Museum will look like this after Thanksgiving!